Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Waiting for me in Neverland

He departed my world in a hurry,
since then the joy left as happiness been banned
in his heart I know am staying,
while he's waiting for me behind the gate of Neverland
only a fence to cross,
then beside each other for eternity we will stand
one day soon we will talk,
dreams will be transformed to real as it was planned
we wont grow any older,
for both of us time will be on our demand
I'm blocking Sun and rising Moon,
at the moment he orders Stars to spanned
roses blooming on our way,
now nature changed with a glimpse of my hand
timeless Spring from now on,
making pillow out of clouds as the grass expand
realizing now it was only fantasize,
reality once more as if I'm drowning on moving sand

Dedicated to Haitham Mostafa Na3im
Rest in peace my friend